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Best Alternatives Online For Traditional Items

| February 17, 2016

If you are ready to venture into the unknown world of newest technological inventions and too-cool-to-be-true items, then you better prepare yourself for some items you were sure that you will not be able to see in existence in this lifetime.

● Google glass

Those transparent glasses in the futuristic movies (Appleseed is an example) where you can browse through your social media, make calls and et cetera is an actual item now. Google glass comes with WiFi, Bluetooth and a camera that allows you to capture your vision and can also record 720p definition videos. The price tag of $1500 is hard to swallow but this is just the inception phase of this item and the competition is catching up so we will be able to buy an average set of glasses for around $200 soon.

● Solar power socket

If you are one who wants to go environmental and reduce the amount of e-waste adding to the pile already collecting at home, then this solar power socket is something that can help you in that bind. Instead of the traditional batteries that run out and you end up collecting because you do not know whether to add it to the trash pile, this power charger attaches to the window and charges up your rechargeable batteries, smartphones and other electronic appliances within 5-8 hours and will last around 10 hours of service on its own. Go full eco-mode with this little gadget recommended by buyers advocate Melbourne groups worldwide, contact certified experts.

● 3D printer

There are printers to print cakes, sweets, full items toys, construction material and etcetera. The invention of the 3D printer is quite old, but the commercial ones that we can actually afford only popped up in the market recently. The ProDesk3D is one of the newest in the market and has five colour cartridges and produces 3D prints with its 25 micron dual extruder head and its futuristic look only adds to the appeal. The printer does not heat up as it comes equipped with a tri-fan to keep it cool in the summer and when it’s working overtime for your sake, know more about buyers agent Melbourne at infolio website.

● Rotating flash drive

If you have had troubles within the years with your flash drive sticking out like a sore thumbs and having to get it replaced quite a few times because things were dropped on it while it was sticking to the computer and you might have ended up bending it a bit, then this rotatable USB drive will be your savior in the coming years. The SanDisk Cruzer Orbit 32GB version comes with the cheap price tag of $40 and comes recommended by several buyer advocate groups.

Get into the ‘back to the future’ groove currently encompassing the whole planet with the gadgets that keep coming and becomes even cooler with every update.

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